The name's Laura. This blog contains mostly fandom stuff with some art and politics thrown in.

Fandoms include: Welcome to Night Vale, Adventure Time, The Avengers, Doctor Who, BBC Sherlock, and Supernatural

Privileges: white privilege, cisgender privilege, able-bodied privilege

Pro-Choice Feminist Queer
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give me down-to-there hair,
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here, baby
there, mama
everywhere, daddy, daddy -

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women who had period cramps before pain killers were invented were metal as fuck let’s give them a standing ovation

Standing ovulation

A round of menopause.

It was a difficult period of history for everyone

i didn’t ask for this to happen

that’s what she said



if Frankenstein was available on DVD I would be streaming it on all screens around me 24 7 bc it was honestly the best production I’ve ever seen and I miss it every day and tbh it’s not even a bIG DEAL TO ASK ThEM TO PUBLISh DVDS BECAUSE hEy ThEy FILMED IT FOR FUCKING FAThOM EVENTS ANyWAy SO ThEy hAVE ThE GOD DAMN FOOTAGE JUST FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME


I Emailed them about it and i got the whole bs spiel about how it’s a production that can only be “fully captured” on stage and the big screen and YES BUT WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE WHO CAN’T AFFORD THAT

I act different around certain people.

It’s not because I’m fake. It’s because I have a different comfort zone around certain people. I’ll act loud, stupid, be mean to you, act crazy, and do the most stupidest things with you because I’m comfortable around you. But, I can be quiet and shy if I don’t know you that well or we aren’t very close. Just because I act different around certain people, doesn’t mean I’m fake. I just have a different comfort zone with certain people.


it’s very frustrating being a girl and trying to flirt with other girls like. you tell them, ur cute. ‘Aw thank you’ no. no i’m being gay with you. homo intended. damn it